6. List of Contributions, Alphabetically Ordered by Author's Name

Timothy A. Carey               PCT —Yeah? So What?!

Dag Forssell                       What kind of science has Bill Powers wrought?

David M. Goldstein            Bill Powers, You are the Man

Perry Good                        The Spark! A Tribute to William T. Powers

Joel B. Judd                        Language: The Control of Perception

Richard S. Marken             Looking Back Over The Next Fifty Years of PCT

Dan E. Miller                      Late at night contemplating Erving Goffman as a Perceptual Control Theorist

Bruce Nevin                       What is controlled in speaking and in speech recognition?

Barbara Powers                  Reflecting Back On My Father

Mary Powers                      How Perceptual Control Theory Began: A Personal History

Philip J. Runkel                   Letter to William T. Powers